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Integration & Deployment


Whether you have one device to deploy or hundreds, we will develop and execute a strategy to get your devices into the hands of your users quickly.  VPP, DEP, MDM, and Apple School Manager are all technologies we know and love.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Landmine Avoidance

"What is the current state of your technology, and what would you like your technology to do for you?"  This will likely be one of the first questions you get asked by us.  Together, we will map out an IT strategy for you and your organization with both your needs and budget in mind.

Remote & Onsite Support

100% Attitude-Free

Client satisfaction and uptime are our highest priorities.  We will work onsite at your office as well as provide support through email and VPN.  While we take pride in not hearing that something is broken, we will also happily mend it for you when it does break.

Communication Tower

Client Testimonials

"Rob’s technical prowess is considerable.  I don’t think i’ve ever thrown him an issue he couldn’t resolve--but there is a humbleness in his approach which i’ve found rare in people of his ability, and a quiet humanity that disarms people who might be put off by someone so knowledgeable."

John K.,  Marion, MA

"Rob has maintained all of our systems – his work is impeccable; he is extremely professional and capable and has greatly increased our capacity to serve our clientele and mission. He recognizes the critical nature of his work within our organization and takes that responsibility very seriously. I have highly and without reservation recommended him to others, and will continue to do so in the future."

Susan F.,  Cambridge, MA


Have a particular challenge you're trying to lick or a project you'd like some help implementing?  Contact us today and see what we can do for you!

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Rye Beach, NH, 03871


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